Sunday, November 29, 2009

Enjoying the lights on Temple Square

We went to see the lights at Temple Square last night with my parents and it always amazed me how beautiful it is. Whoever designs the colors does such an amazing job. We went inside on of the visitors centers and listened to a choir sing, Rylee (above watching) did not want to leave. I think I have a little future entertainer on my hands. We decided to not attempt parking so we rode trax and the kids just think that is the coolest thing we can do here:)

My parents and Preston

Not a bad family picture. It's amazing how reverse-psychology works--we were telling our kids NOT to smile:)


Jill and Steve said...

Your kids are growing so fast! I can't believe It! They are just darling. I'm glad you are doing well and are so happy. Family is truly the best!

Skylar and Lauren said...

so cute and so fun! I can't wait to go see the lights....and that is a very IMPRESSIVE family picture-u got two kids to smile??? well done- most of the time I can't get belle to smile in even one!